Frequently Asked Questions

When will the next Bone Secrets and Callahan books be published?

I plan to write more books in both of these series, but first I need to write six Mercy Kilpatrick books. Look for more Bone Secrets or Callahan in 2020. Be sure to sign up for new release notifications so you'll receive an email when they are available.

Do the Bone Secret Series books need to be read in order?

Yes and no. Each book is a stand alone novel with different main characters. The plots are not related and there are no cliffhangers. Secondary characters reappear in the books and some of them become main characters in following books. My readers tell me they like the history of the secondary characters and that reading the books in order is the best way to get the full experience.

Do the Callahan & McLane books need to be read in order?

Yes. Mason Callahan is a secondary character from several of the Bone Secrets Novels, and the series follows the growth of his relationship with FBI Special Agent Ava McLane. The two of them were so interesting I dedicated a whole series to them. There are no cliffhangers in these books.

Do the Mercy Kilpatrick books need to be read in order?

Yes. All the plots stand alone and there are no cliffhangers, but the history of the characters makes more sense if read in order.

Do all the Rogue novellas need to be read in order?

Yes. While each novella contains a complete suspense plot, there is a secondary small mystery arc that is investigated over all four books in the Rogue River series. Novellas one and three are written from the point-of-view of Stevie Taylor and novellas two and four are written from her sister Carly's point-of-view. They also need to be read in order to follow their relationships with the men in their lives. Each novella is about a hundred pages.

The two Rogue Winter novellas start a few months after Rogue River with the same characters. Rogue Vows and Rogue Justice are the same. Again, each novella is written from a sister's point-of-view, and the two novellas each contain a complete mystery with a secondary small mystery that is solved over the two stories.

Books-n-Kisses did an interview with Melinda Leigh and me for the release of our ROGUE RIVER series. You can check out the full interview here.

Why aren’t your books available in digital format for Nook, Kobo, or iBooks?

I am under contract to write exclusive digital content for Amazon’s Kindle platform. My print books and audiobooks are available everywhere. If you do not have a Kindle, the free app is available for most phones and tablets. If you have a newer Nook HD, the Kindle app is available through Google Play.

Will you read something I wrote and give me feedback?

No. I’m sorry, but I’m weird about reading other writers’ works-in-progress. This is a personal preference. It’s also a legal protection one. I can’t have someone coming forward in five years and claim I stole a plotline from something of theirs I read. Here’s a link to a blog I wrote about how to find outside input on your manuscript:

Writer’s Tips & Tricks Day 6 Part A: I have finished my book. Now what?

Do your books have sex and profanity?

Yes, but the Mercy Kilpatrick Series does not have sex. In the other series, each book has one sex scene. Sometimes it is as short as a page and a half. Skip it if you don’t care for that sort of thing. The Rogue River Novellas also do not have sex. My characters swear in my books. I don’t think there is a lot, but I understand some readers are very sensitive to this. I consider my amount of profanity to be low to moderate compared to other books.

Do you have any writing tips?

Here's an article I wrote for Writer's Digest on how to improve your romantic thriller, but I feel it applies to almost every genre.


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